Street Life Studies is a series of workshops that examine the way street spaces are used in cities around the world. The project began in 2015 as an elective course at the University of New South Wales. The course has come now to its fourth edition. In the top menu you will find documentation related to previous editions.

To apply, please see application page

This topic and the course itself can be followed at:




University of New South Wales, Faculty of Built Environment
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Phnom Penh, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism
Tribhuvan University Kathmandu
SaSa Art Projects
Khmer Architecture Tours / Space for Architecture


These are some resources used in the workshop to introduce the themes of the course

Miao, Pu. Asia Public Places
Gehl, Jan. Close Encounters with Buildings
Archinect in Conversation with Denise Scott Brown
Fujimori, Terunobu. Under the banner of Street Observation
Till, Architecture_and Contingency
Whyte, William. The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces






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